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    Who We Are

    This section appears at the top of your “Popcorn Store” next to your picture. Briefly tell your potential supporters about your organization but not why you are raising funds - that's in the next section.

    Why We Are Raising Funds

    This section is one of the most important things for your "Popcorn Store", and will directly affect sales. SEE EXAMPLES BELOW, feel free to use one, modify it, or make your own.

    MAKE AN EMOTIONAL CONNECTION - You want to make an emotional connection that will motivate potential supporters to support your cause, especially those that do not know who you are. Tell them why you're raising funds if there is something specific like new uniforms, or to attend a tournament or camp, etc. but think about how your organization impacts the local community, players/participants/members' personal lives, and family.

    HOW IS YOUR ORGANIZATION IMPACTING LIVES? - What life lessons do your coaches/teachers/leaders teach and how does that impact lives, family, or the local community. Read your mission statement if you have one and incorporate that into this section.

    TOUCH HEARTS - Supporters get behind a meaningful cause even if they do not personally know anyone in your organization. Touch hearts with your words and if you tear up writing it, others will that's an emotional connection that will motivate others to support your cause.


    • Our ultimate goal as a club is to encourage, inspire and empower each player and coach to reach the highest level possible within the game and in life. Funds will go toward uniforms but that financially helps our members stay active in our organization and allows us to continue making an impact in the lives of our leaders of tomorrow.
    • We are raising funds to attend a soccer tournament but even more importantly this allows us additional opportunities to positively impact the personal development of our youth in the game of soccer and life.
    • Financially supporting our organization allows us to continue playing an active role in the leadership, development, and personal growth of our players/members by being an active member of our local community through service, partnerships, and volunteering.
    • Upload Participants List

      Please download the sample CSV file HERE. You can open and edit it with any spreadsheet editor. You MUST include each participant/parent/guardian's First and Last Name, as well as an Email Address. Members under the age of 13 should be removed from your list, but make sure the parents or a guardian are included. We'll do the rest.

      Unique Individual links will go out the day your fundraiser begins. These links track all sales individually and role up to the team/group, and organization. Once participants recieve their link, they can immediately begin sharing it with friends, family, and co-workers asking them to purchase popcorn and share their link with others, and so on.

      When you're done filling it out, upload it here: